Corporate Social Responsibility

Course dates: NB 2017 DATES — 2 weeks, January 30 – February 10, 2017 — NB 2017 DATES
Country: All
Type of learning event: Interdisciplinary learning programme
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Target Group Description
The target group of the courses includes CEOs, managers, and leading staff in private enterprises and business organisations affiliated with Danish private sector support programmes.

Learning Objective
The learning programme will enable participants to draft and implement a CSR strategy by understanding their role in four vital processes for the realization of integrated CSR:

  • Planning – The participants understand the background and purpose of CSR, and are able to identify objectives and targets relevant in their own context, and to transform them into a CSR policy and plan of action.
  • Doing – The participants are able to identify necessary and relevant structures, procedures and needs for CSR initiatives and training to achieve effective implementation of CSR objectives and targets. They are also able to describe how communication and branding could be used to fulfil the objectives in a proactive, yet sustainable way.
  • Checking – They know how to measure CSR output(s) and outcome(s) and are able to identify a relevant monitoring scheme for their company or organization. Also, they know how and when to ensure management review, robust recording and external auditing.
  • Adjusting – The participants are familiar with tools to adjust CSR activities, and they have insight in good practices on review, corrective and preventive actions that are relevant to obtain continuous improvement in their own context.

The learning approach is participatory and learner-centred. The training is centred around state-of-the-art approaches to CSR, combining theory, case studies, exercises; further, the training contents related to the participants’ specific sector CSR issues. In ways that makes the tools provided of direct use and relevance for the participants. Theory and tools will be related directly to the challenges found in the participants’ companies during the individual action plan guidance provided in parallel with the training in class.

The principles of Strategic CSR, the UNGP complimented with the introduction to SDG’s constitute the central frame of reference throughout the learning programme. The modules include:

  • UN Frameworks: Global Compact, UN Guiding Principles for Human Rights and Businesses and UN Sustainable Development GoalsStrategic CSR principles including the CSR strategizing process, company commitment, implementation and management systesm
  • Environment and anti-corruption
  • CSR monitoring: Key Performance Indicators and reporting frameworks

Duration of Learning Programme
2 weeks

Learning Programme Provider
Sweco and Sociability