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2017 Learning Programmes


The number of learning programmes has been reduced significantly and will primarily take place in Denmark.

By Lars Pedersen, Capacity Development Advisor

As it will be known to users of the learning programmes offered under Danida Capacity Development Support Programme, Danida Fellowship Centre (DFC) normally introduces the coming year’s programme in the month of September. For a number of reasons, it has regrettably not been possible to announce the 2017 programme until now.

DFC hereby presents the learning programme portfolio for 2017.

Reduction in number of learning programmes

In comparison with 2016, the number of learning programmes has been significantly reduced (from 30 to 19). This is due to a decision by the Danish government to channel the funds allocated for Danida Capacity Development Support Programme into support for growth and transition countries involved in the Partnering with Denmark programme (read more by following this link – in Danish only).

2017 will be a transition year, but from 2018, learning programmes on offer to priority countries will, as it stands now, cease to be offered altogether or be offered in a very limited number and depend on full cost recovery from participating organizations from priority countries.

Primarily in Denmark

Learning programmes will primarily take place in Denmark whereas learning programmes and learning programme partnerships with South Training Institutions are to be phased out.

In terms of areas covered, the reduction has been done with a focus on core requirements of priority countries, but in some cases also with a view towards the countries covered by Partnering with Denmark. Some titles reflect composite learning programmes made up from key elements of merged learning programmes.

Cost per participant doubled

For 2017, the cost per week per participant has doubled to DKK 7,000 and DKK 5,000 for learning programmes in Denmark and developing countries respectively.

This covers tuition fee, international air ticket, accommodation, personal allowances, insurances and visa fee.

The full list can be seen here. Please note, not all dates are currently available.