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CLOSED – Grants for exchange and outreach for uptake – Call for applications


No longer available – funds exhausted

Danida Fellowship Centre promotes exchange of knowledge and outreach for uptake in order to bring evidence-based knowledge from Danida supported research into action. Within this framework, grants are offered to bring our partners together to discuss, share and create new knowledge.

Danida Fellowship Centre (DFC) supports activities that promote collaboration and exchange with the main purpose of:

  • Promoting knowledge exchange between researchers, Danida alumni, and other relevant stakeholders
  • Facilitating networks and collaborations within academia, and between academia, policy makers and practitioners
  • Promoting dissemination and outreach of research results for uptake and use.

Support can be provided to activities such as meetings and workshops or activities that promote uptake and use of results from Danida supported research projects.

Application process
An application for the activity must be submitted to DFC by 1) a research project coordinator of a Danida funded research project, or 2) a Danida/Strategic Sector Cooperation (SSC) partner in coordination with the Danish embassy in the relevant country.

The application for the activity must be submitted via DFC’s electronic application system SurveyMonkey Apply.

The application must contain the following elements:

  • Name of applicant (coordinator of activity)
  • A description of the planned activity and the target group for the activities
  • The objective of the planned activity
  • Expected outputs and outcomes, incl. media outputs
  • A timeframe for the activity
  • A description of the management of the activity – how the activity will be organised and the post-activity reporting
  • A budget incl. an indication of possible co-funding

An exchange activity can be supported with an amount up to 100,000 DKK. No overhead can be charged.

Applications can be submitted continuously, i.e. no deadline has been set. The call is open as long as funds remain. DFC has a budget of 900,000 DKK (2021-22) for this type of activity.

A committee at DFC will assess the application. The committee will look into the expected outcomes of the activity and anticipated participants, and assess how the suggested activity corresponds to the purpose of the support. The reply to the application will be provided within 2 months after submission.

If the application is approved, DFC will enter into dialogue with the coordinator of the activity and a contract including the agreed practical set-up, process, and transfer of funds will be made (through the Danish embassy if Danida/SSC partner applying). Funds cannot be transferred to a private account.

Reporting and accounts
A brief narrative end of activity report of a maximum of two pages and the accounts must be submitted via SurveyMonkey Apply to DFC at the latest three months after the activities have been completed. The narrative report must briefly describe the results of the support vis-à-vis the objectives and expected outcomes indicated in the application, including media outputs. A final list of participants must be attached to the report.  

The accounts must clarify how the agreed upon budget has been spent. None of the budgeted expenses can be funded by other sources. Unspent funds must be returned to DFC. The accounts must be signed by the coordinator of the activity and a financial officer of the research institution (research project coordinator applying) or financial officer at the Danish embassy (Danida/SSC partner applying). For grants to Danish institutions where the audit responsibility rests with the National Audit Office of Denmark the accounts of the grants must be accompanied with a management endorsement of accounts signed by responsible coordinator of activity and the financial officer. For grants to SSC partners channeled through a Danish Embassy, the Danish Embassy must endorse the accounts.

In case the reporting and accounting have not been submitted in time to DFC, it will be considered non-compliance with the purpose of support, and a full return of funds to DFC will be requested





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