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Fellowship allowances as per January 1, 2022

During your stay in Denmark you will receive an allowance payment to cover expenses for food, clothes, medicine, spectacles, dental visits, some transport and pocket money.

The allowances are calculated based on the number of days of the course period plus two additional days regardless of the actual arrival and departure dates.

1. Daily allowance DKK 239.
If your accommodation is with kitchen facilities, you will receive a daily allowance of DKK 239 per full day. This corresponds to DKK 7,172 for a full month.

2. Extended daily allowance DKK 453.
If accommodation is provided in a hotel without kitchen-facilities, you will receive a daily allowance of DKK 453.

3. Reduced daily allowance DKK 133.
When participating in courses, where full board and lodging are provided, you will receive a daily allowance of DKK 133.

Besides the allowance payment, the following expenses are covered by DFC:

In Denmark

Course fees, and accommodation, including heating, water and electricity. Health and travel insurance and a travel pass to travel by public transport to and from the study place. DFC will also pay a flat rate amount of DKK 250 to pay for the taxi fare from the airport to the hostel/hotel. (Note that the return fare to the airport is not covered nor private transport for sight seeing etc.)

In your home country

DFC will cover visa fee (80 EUR) and pre-departure COVID-19 test (if applicable – upon receipt). DFC will purchase your air ticket (economy class) to and from Denmark. (Note that all other expenses in your home country are not covered by DFC).

Paid employment

You are not allowed to take up any paid employment while in Denmark.