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How we work

The road to a course

As needs change, so do also the opportunities we offer. Each year we develop new courses to meet new needs and shape new realities.

Our courses come about through a highly organic process, where dialogue, collaboration, flexibility, applicability and creativity is at the centre.

All our partners bring their particular expertise to this dialogue – of the context, the sector and the partners in the partner countries or of new research and solutions within a field.

Danida Fellowship Centre is the facilitator and convener. We bring people to the table, and we bring in expertise from our many years of experience in designing learning programmes that spark change beyond the individual.

The dialogue and the focus on co-creation is a cornerstone in the high-quality courses that DFC is recognized for.

The road from learning to change

Our learning programmes aim not just to improve the knowledge and skills of the individual learner, but also to generate new ways of thinking, new solutions to development challenges and real societal change.

This leap from individual learning to societal change is not something that happens by itself.

At Danida Fellowship Centre we focus on usability and applicability, on learning by seeing, discussing, doing and applying. We focus on action planning, requiring participants to translate their knowledge into solutions to specific challenges. And we focus on investing in our participants and their organizations both before and after our courses, based on the 40-20-40 principle, where the focus of a learning process – or programme – should be just as much or more on the conditions before and after a course as on the course itself in order to create those skills, knowledge, mindset – and actions – that will facilitate actual changes in performance and development results.

Constant Improvements

We are always working to improve:

  • Every year we refine our courses based on dialogue with Danish embassies, sector counsellors, partner authorities and universities.
  • Every year we ask course participants to evaluate us and the opportunities we offer.
  • Our tracer studies and outcome assessments dive a bit deeper to see if we have succeeded in moving from new skills and knowledge to new solutions and societal change.
  • We meet with our partners in our Reference Group to discuss how best to meet the needs and engender change.

Contact us for more information on how we work – or to offer inspiration or suggestions.

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“No two courses are alike and we are always open to try out new approaches, formats and learning styles.”

– Maya Lindberg Brink, DFC Capacity Development Advisor