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General Conditions, FFU Projects

The General Conditions apply to the administration of ongoing grants to research collaboration projects in Danida priority countries, and in selected growth and transition countries with Strategic Sector Cooperation programmes funded by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In the cases that PhDs (Research Fellows) are included in Window 1 projects, the guidelines of how Danida Fellowship Centre manages these researchers’ stay in Denmark on behalf of the research projects apply. Danida Fellowship Centre’s administrative services for stays in Denmark of senior researchers (including postdocs) are optional.

Guidelines for PhD and research stays in Denmark

Report forms
and appendices

1. Online First-Year Report Form

Appendix 1: Online First-Year Report Form

Appendices to be uploaded as attached files to the online report: (Appendix 1a: LogFrame Matrix, Appendix 1b: Signature Page)

Window 2: Reporting format for first-year and midterm

2. Online Midterm Report Form

Appendix 2: Online Midterm Report Form

Appendices to be uploaded as attached files to the online report: (Appendix 2a: LogFrame Matrix, Appendix 2b: Signature Page, Appendix 2c: Publication and Disseminination List for Midterm Reporting)

3. Online Completion Report Form

Appendix 3: Online Completion Report Form

Appendices to be uploaded as attached files to the online report: (Appendix 3a: LogFrame Matrix, Appendix 3b: Instruction for Policy Brief (Policy Brief max. 2 MB), Appendix 3c: Publication and Disseminination List, Appendix 3d: Signed document of hand-over of equipment, if applicable, Appendix 3e: Signature Page)

6. Template for Management Endorsement

Appendix 6: Template for Management Endorsement of Accounts

If audited by the National Audit Office of Denmark.

8. Audit instruction for Ghana, Nepal or Tanzania lead institution

9. Audit Instructions for partners outside Denmark

10. Guidelines for DFC’s Administration

Appendix 10: Guidelines for stays in Denmark

Guidelines for Danida Fellowship Centre’s Administration of Research Fellows from Developing Countries

11. Additional appendices

Additional appendices for projects with responsible institutions in the South (Window 1 only):

Appendix 11 Guidelines for Project Administration and appendices (appendix 11aappendix 11b)

Appendix 12 Template Accounting Manual and appendices (appendix 12aappendix 12bappendix 12cappendix 12d)

Link to Examples of Weighted Average Exchange Rates

DropBox Pro document folder

DropBox Pro document folder (as project repository)

A new feature is available from DFC meaning that all projects will be offered the possibility of opening a DropBox Pro folder with DFC, who will provide access to a dedicated folder at the project coordinator’s disposal, e.g. functioning as a repository for project documents, hence enabling all relevant project members to have access to the latest version of any document in the project.

The folder will be available/allocated to the project upon request from the project coordinator. Send an email to DFC at research@dfcentre.dk requesting the folder, while at the same time indicating a name/acronym for the folder, besides the official project number (e.g. 17-04-KU). This enables DFC to create the folder and send a sharing link to the project coordinator, who is then in turn free to invite all colleagues as he/she wishes by sharing the link. DFC carries all costs related to the DropBox folder.

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