Greening the Growth

Programme dates: 2 weeks, POSTPONED – new dates are February 6 – 17, 2017
Country: All
Type of learning event: Interdisciplinary learning programme
Learning Programme Leaflet: click here

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With a global population of more than 7 billion people and growing, Green Growth with a pro-poor focus becomes more than just a business idea; it is a most needed survival strategy, aimed at satisfying the need for growth and development while ensuring a sustainable use of natural resources and the ability of the environment to provide the ecosystem services on which we depend.

Target Group

The learning programme is designed to support green business development in the private sector in Danida partner countries in Africa and Asia. The target group includes SMEs, trade/business associations, trade unions and public sector institutions involved in promoting, supporting and / or implementing Green Growth activities.

Entry Profile

Participants should meet the following requirements:

  • Good working knowledge of English
  • Computer skills
  • A minimum of 2 years of relevant work experience
  • Affiliation with a Danida-supported programme/project.


Learning Programme Objectives

The course will provide the participants with:

  • Understanding of the concept of and the rationale behind Green Growth
  • Knowledge of green business opportunities and cases
  • Improved ability to identify and analyse Green Growth opportunities
  • A network of national / regional actors and an understanding of potential synergies between businesses
  • A knowledge platform for promoting Green Growth policies in the public system


Contents of Learning Programme

  • Introduction to Green Growth
  • Green Growth opportunities: cases from different sectors
  • Green Growth Policies and Financing
  • Green Growth networking and knowledge exchange


Structure of Learning Programme

This will be achieved through a blend of training approaches, including lectures, group exercises and excursions. Focus will be on challenging the participants to think in an innovative and creative way, identifying both new business areas and the possibilities to create synergies with other businesses for optimal use of resources e.g. in relation to energy and/or waste recycling.


Participants affiliated with Danida supported programmes/projects/organizations programmes will be charged DKK 2,500 per study week. Total funding needed is DKK 5,000 – this includes study fee, accommodation, allowances, international travel, insurances and visa fee.

Place of Study

NIRAS and a Kenyan partner