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Danida Fellowship Centre’s Strategy

Danida Fellowship Centre’s mission is to support the creation of new knowledge and skills and to prepare and inspire potential change agents to channel their knowledge and skills into actions that tackle global challenges using sustainable solutions.

Sharing knowledge is essential for finding sustainable solutions to the challenges facing us today. Sharing knowledge and transforming knowledge into action, however, does not happen by itself. It requires a concerted effort.

In Danida Fellowship Centre’s 2021-25 strategy we focus on how the skills and capacities we support can be transformed into action.

Consequently, the name of  the  strategy is Knowledge in Action, and the three overarching objectives are as follows:

  1. To prepare individuals to act as change agents who contribute to transforming  their organisations and communities through new knowledge, skills, motivation, inspiration and networks;
  2. To support organisations in developing the capacity of their staff and establishing new networks, and in institutionalizing and applying new knowledge, capacity and networks to create new sustainable solutions;
  3. To foster collaboration and the identification and implementation of sustainable solutions across organisations, sectors, disciplines and borders.

Danida Fellowship Centre contributes to more sustainable solutions to global challenges as framed by the sustainable development goals (SDGs). Sustainability is therefore a crosscutting focus of the 2021-25 strategy  with special emphasis to durability, green solutions and inclusiveness.

Danida Fellowship Centre’s strategy Knowledge in Action, 2021-2025.

Strategy 2021-2025

Strategic goals of the Knowledge in Action Strategy, 2021-25

Monitoring & evaluation framework 2021-25

The Anti-Corruption Code of Conduct is aligned with Danida’s Anti-Corruption Policy. You will find the policy and more information about Danida’s anti-corruption policy at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website.

If you encounter corruption, Danida Fellowship Centre would like you to either disclose these cases to the Danida contact in your country or contact Danida via Danida’s hotline facility: Help us to fight corruption.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Danida Fellowship Centre guarantees that your report remains confidential or anonymous if you so wish.

See Anti-Corruption Code of Conduct