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“Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t”

Working together makes a difference! Only through the shared efforts, and the sharing of ideas and knowledge across organizations, sectors, disciplines and borders will we make real headway towards the global sustainable development goals.

Danida Fellowship Centre facilitates different platforms for members of the Danida Fellows Network to connect with others in their field. Danida Fellowship Centre also supports locally run national alumni networks in several countries. Click on the right to learn more about the different platforms.


Our Next Step Networking supports you as a member to strengthen partnerships and collaboration across sectors, disciplines and countries. Share and be inspired by new ideas. Upgrade your networking and collaborative skills. Come together to find solutions and new ways to implement them


Is there currently no thematic community or national alumni network in the field or country in which you work and do you wish to establish one yourself?

You can always contact us on nextstepnetworking@dfcentre.dk for information and advice to help your initiative along. We know the people in the network and can help you get in touch.

We have a growing body of experience and sources of inspiration that can help you get started.

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