Change starts with individuals but requires joint action!

The Danida Fellows Network brings together professionals from public authorities, research and learning institutions, the private sector and civil society, who work to solve development challenges as part of Danida funded development collaboration. All participants in the Network hold different pieces of the puzzle of making sustainable development and the achievement of the sustainable development goals a reality.

The Network supports members as they share knowledge, build new partnerships and work to solve the challenges facing the world today.

How to become a member? No need to register anywhere. As a Danida Fellowship Centre fellow or partner, you are already a member. Just check out the opportunities on this website and join the Network Facebook Group or contact us on to hear more.

Join today and be part of a unique global network!


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Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t

Whether you are a researcher, a civil servant, work for a non-profit organization or a private company, the Network will provide you with opportunities to expand your knowledge, build new partnerships and find inspiration for solutions to challenges you face in your professional life.

Since the 1960s, DFC has worked closely with many different partners, and more than 30.000 professionals have received a Danida Fellowship.Around 450 research collaboration projects have been granted since Danida Fellowship Centre in 2008 took over the administration of research support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Danida Fellows Network gives you access to professionals around the globe and offers opportunities to join webinars and debates on topical issues, workshops, training and networking events, and small grants to support your own networking initiatives. Join today!


Through the different platforms under the Danida Fellows Network, members can come together around sectoral or country specific issues. Danida Fellowship Centre facilitates a number of thematic communities and supports independent Danida national alumni networks that draw together alumni within particular countries.

Thematic communities


Our Next Step Networking supports you as a member to strengthen partnerships and collaboration across sectors, disciplines and countries. Share and be inspired by new ideas. Upgrade your networking and collaborative skills. Come together to find solutions and new ways to implement them.