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Telling the stories

Many scientific results and outcomes of capacity development, learning programmes and research never make it to the public.

Danida Fellowship Centre tells the stories. From research in climate change, green growth and in global vaccines to the outcome of sector cooperation and learning programmes. We highlight the experiences of our fellows and alumni, and collaborate with the mass media and specialised publications for outreach and dissemination.

We publish many of our stories on this webpage but you will find even more stories on social media.

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The new (online) normal

The COVID 19 pandemic has brought about a need for new ways of working. At Danida Fellowship Centre we had to change our approach to learning, networking and research management overnight. Some of these changes will become permanent. Hear from Danida Fellowship Centre's Cecilie Rude, Capac...
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Online reality overcomes invisible barriers in Myanmar

From information overload to nano-modules and co-creation. Professor Jan Vang, Head of Section, University of Southern Denmark, talks about how the Corona reality prompted changes in the modes of training and research collaboration with Myanmar.
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Interview with Nanna Sars, Sector Counsellor Myanmar

Nanna Sars, Sector Counsellor at the Danish Embassy in Myanmar, talks about Denmark’s collaboration with Myanmar on labour market issues to support safe and healthy working conditions.
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Analyzing maritime security in Ghana

The negative impact of maritime insecurities on development, trade and human security are increasingly recognised. What are the effects of current responses to maritime insecurity? How can countries with high levels of maritime insecurity be better supported?
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Why universities must go digital

On June 16, associate professor Charles Nelson Okumu drove into the main campus of Gulu University only for the second time in three months. The university was closed on March 20, alongside all other academic institutions in Uganda, due to the Covid-19 pandemic...
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Charcoal production and trade in Ghana

To widely publicize the findings of the Danida funded research project Access and exclusion along the charcoal commodity chain in Ghana, the scholars behind the project produced a documentary. The documentary, which leading national broadcasters in Ghana...
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From face2face to online learning

When Beatrice logs on in Mexico City at 7 am it is 5 pm in Kathmandu and 2 pm in Copenhagen. Online courses have also their advantages, but peer to peer learning, where everyone is in the same place, is hard to beat, says Hans Peter Dejgaard...
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Covid-19 crisis: An opportunity for a new growth path in South Africa

TENTRANS researchers on a site visit to a South African wind farm. Photo: Holle Wlokas Professor Mike Morris, from the Danida funded TENTRANS research project, uses the the COVID lock-down shock to present research findings from investigations into South Africa’s Renewable Energy Programme ...
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