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Telling the stories

Many scientific results and outcomes of capacity development, learning programmes and research never make it to the public.

Danida Fellowship Centre tells the stories. From research in climate change, green growth and in global vaccines to the outcome of sector cooperation and learning programmes. We highlight the experiences of our fellows and alumni, and collaborate with the mass media and specialised publications for outreach and dissemination.

We publish many of our stories on this webpage but you will find even more stories on social media.

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Shaking off the shadows from Rana Plaza

From being denounced worldwide for its poor safety and working conditions, Bangladesh and the garment industry have started to take occupational health and safety seriously, says Peter Hasle and Jan Vang. They are both professors at SDU and involved in Danida funded research projects in Bangladesh....
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Creating a greener and more sustainable future  – one story at a time

They are from South Africa, they are young and they are eloquent. They also share the same goal as millions of other young people around the world. They want to be part of reversing the current downward spiral of global climate destruction and create a greener, more sustainable future. 
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Connected by a passion for reproductive and public health

They are driven and ambitious, they are outstanding academics and they are deeply concerned about public and reproductive health. Despite being more than 10,000 kilometres apart, Professor Tine Gammeltoft and Danida alum Dr Thi Thuy Hanh Nguyen’s lives and careers are deeply intertwined.
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Danida alumni are powerful ambassadors for the merits of Danish know-how

I always say that Danida alumni are ambassadors for Denmark: They speak extremely well about Denmark because they have had really good experiences in Denmark, says Lars Steen Nielsen, Denmark’s ambassador to Mexico. He would like to see the alumni network become a global knowledge sharing plat...
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The fight against diarrheal diseases in Bangladesh

You need to design your messages to fit the community, says Rebeca Sultana PhD student. She has investigated the correlation between diarrheal diseases, cholera transmission and climate change in one of Dhaka’s low-income communities and she is now criticising existing hygiene interventions.
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Getting research on gender equality out of the ivory tower

In honor of International Women´s day – 8 March - our intern Elena Adamo, African Studies student and aspiring researcher, interviewed Lars Engberg-Pedersen, senior researcher at DIIS and project leader of the Danida funded project GLOW - Global Norms and Violence Against Women in Ethiopia.
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Citizen scientists: Perhaps without a degree, but certainly making a difference

Anyone can be a citizen scientist and assist in capturing data that will help with research. Jacqueline Goldin writes about the Danida supported research project Enhancing Sustainable Groundwater Use in South Africa where farmers are helping to collect data.
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Dos and don’ts in public-private partnerships

Danida Fellowship Centre’s learning programmes in Private-Public Partnership prepares the participants with skills to manoeuvring the often delicate partnership between the private and public sector. Peter Mallow, COWI consultant and lead facilitator explains some of the dos and don'ts.
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