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Telling the stories

Many scientific results and outcomes of capacity development, learning programmes and research never make it to the public.

Danida Fellowship Centre tells the stories. From research in climate change, green growth and in global vaccines to the outcome of sector cooperation and learning programmes. We highlight the experiences of our fellows and alumni, and collaborate with the mass media and specialised publications for outreach and dissemination.

We publish many of our stories on this webpage but you will find even more stories on social media.

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Meet the delegation of 25 Kenyan SDG pioneers in Bornholm

Meet the delegation of 25 energetic Kenyan SDG pioneers as they participate live in the People´s Meeting / Folkemødet 2021 and infuse global perspectives in the debates!
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How to make your business idea reality

Our first Knowledge in Action Talk “How to make your business idea reality” will give you the inspiration and confidence to take the next step. Please join us for our new virtual talk series on 22 June 2021 2-3.30 pm CET.
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Strengthening Policy Dialogue: Give the mic to Kenya

They are in Copenhagen now. Meet the 25 Kenyan participants in Danida Fellowship Centre's "Strengthening Policy Dialogue learning programme at the People’s Meeting on Bornholm in Denmark on 17, 18 and 19 June or online.
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Integrated research can help prevent India’s “City of Lakes” from running dry

Udaipur in India is known as the ‘City of Lakes’ but the thousands of people living in the area are threatened by a lack of clean water in the future. A Danida supported research project aims to provide the basis for securing the availability of quality water in Udaipur for the coming decades. ...
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Welcome to Line Jensen, our new receptionist from May 2021

Our reception in Frederiksberg is the entry point for course participants, PhD students, researchers, partners and other visitors. A very warm welcome to Line Jensen, our new receptionist, who will welcome everyone.
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Sensing Myanmar – researcher reflections on the coup

An acute crisis insists on a response, especially when the crisis is an unfolding feature of a landscape that a research project is designed to address, write researchers behind the Danida supported project Legacies of detention in Myanmar.
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Shaking off the shadows from Rana Plaza

From being denounced worldwide for its poor safety and working conditions, Bangladesh and the garment industry have started to take occupational health and safety seriously, says Peter Hasle and Jan Vang. They are both professors at SDU and involved in Danida funded research projects in Bangladesh....
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Creating a greener and more sustainable future  – one story at a time

They are from South Africa, they are young and they are eloquent. They also share the same goal as millions of other young people around the world. They want to be part of reversing the current downward spiral of global climate destruction and create a greener, more sustainable future. 
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