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Science engagement

Danida Fellowship Centre helps researchers to break down the silos between academia, policy and the public and bring evidence-based knowledge into action.

We promote the use of evidence-based knowledge from Danida supported research, and support dissemination and exchange within and beyond the academic field.

We offer online training and seminars to Danida supported researchers to improve their communication and engagement skills, to engage with and reach the users of research results. We also help researchers to identify specific and significant changes resulting from their research.

We offer in-person opportunities and platforms for science engagement and relations building. We organize thematic science meetings in and across countries to promote knowledge exchange and collaboration.

Call for applications – Science Engagement Grants 2024

CLOSED – for information only

Applications for science engagement grant activities must fall within the categories:
1) knowledge exchange across sectors and/or disciplines
2) new engagement methods and audiences
3) public engagement and outreach
4) collaboration and network across borders.

A principal investigator of an ongoing Danida funded research project or a completed Danida funded project (in 2022, 2023) can apply for a science engagement grant.

See Call for applications – Science Engagement Grants 2024



1. Science engagement strategy

Project year 1-2: The Engagement, Influencing and Impact training aims to strengthen Danida supported researchers’ skills in engagement and outreach for impact. It helps researchers finding and prioritizing the right target groups and users of research, the best-suited methods, time and channels to create impact.

The seminar is held online over four sessions, each of two hours duration.
More about our engagement, influencing and impact trainings.

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2. Science for the public

Project year 2-3: The “Bridging the Gap. Science for the Public” seminar aims to bridge the gaps between researchers and journalists, pave the way for increased research and science reporting and deepen the impact and uptake of Danida funded research projects.

The seminar is held online over three half-day sessions.
More about our Bridging the gap. Science for the public seminars.

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3. Science for practice, policy and impact

Project year 3-4: The science for practice, policy and impact training seminar aims at helping researchers review their engagement strategy by midterm or end of their projects and assess which steps are needed for the project results and knowledge to reach the right stakeholders, whether it is community, policy level or private sector. The seminar is held online during two sessions, each of two hours duration.

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4. Science change stories

Project year 4-5: This online seminar helps researchers identify the stories of change/impact resulting from the research. The seminar helps researchers to select one or more change stories and to present them in formats suitable to different stakeholder groups. The seminar is held online during two sessions, each of two hours duration.

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1. Science engagement days at TCDC

The science engagements days,  taking place  at TCDC in Tanzania, are two-three days events. They provide a hub for science engagement and knowledge exchange and networking between Danida supported researchers. The programmes vary, but consists of both science related knowledge exchange, skills training, and engagement methodologies.

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2. Thematic engagement meetings

Thematic meetings are organised  in Denmark and abroad and across Danida Fellowship Centre departments. Some are small events at the DFC Frederiksberg Café, while others are taking place in collaboration with the Danish Embassy in countries with several research projects ongoing within a specific thematic area. These meetings will always host participants across sectors and disciplines.

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3. Science engagement grants

Grant for science engagement are announced once or twice a year for Danida supported researchers, who wish to apply for a small grant to improve their science engagement. The grants are only provided for activities that will add an extra dimension to ongoing research collaboration project bringing research into action across sectors and disciplines.

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