Danida Fellowship Centre’s CORONA/COVID-19 meassures

The Danish Health Authorities have recommended a number of precautions to contain and slow down the spread of the CORONA/COVID-19 virus. Danida Fellowship Centre is following the recommendations. You can keep yourself updated on the measures we are taking here.

Why universities must go digital

There’s no two ways about it. Universities must do all it takes to go digital. How else will they be able to stay operational during pandemics such as Covid-19 that necessitate limited physical interaction? Report from Building Stronger Universities in Gulu, Uganda.

Research project produces documentary on charcoal production and trade in Ghana

To publicize the findings of the Danida funded research project Access and exclusion along the charcoal commodity chain in Ghana, the scholars behind the project produced a documentary. It casts a critical view on the government’s plans to formalize the charcoal sector