Danida Fellowship Centre’s CORONA/COVID-19 meassures

The Danish Health Authorities have recommended a number of precautions to contain and slow down the spread of the CORONA/COVID-19 virus. Danida Fellowship Centre is following the recommendations. You can keep yourself updated on the measures we are taking here.

New report shows the early impacts of the Corona Virus on Bangladesh Apparel Supply Chains

Seven years ago this month, more than 1,100 garment workers in Bangladesh were killed when the Rana Plaza complex collapsed on top of them. Today, the Bangladesh apparel industry and its 4+ million workers face a new crisis: coronavirus.

“It is difficult to change people but it is worth giving it a shot”

Gifty Sunkwa-Mills is a public health researcher from Ghana especially passionate about one thing: making sure that patients do not leave the hospital with more infections than they arrived with.