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The story outputs of Reporting from the African frontline of the global climate crisis

The outputs by the journalists reporting from the African frontline of the global climate crisis in 2022 far exited expectations. The journalists were supposed to contribute three pieces of media content using the t... Read more

New Egyptian Danida Alumni Network to collaborate on the green agenda

More than 100 Danida fellows were present when the Danish embassy in Cairo hosted an engagement day on the importance of capacity building for the green transition, and together with the Danida Fellowship Centre launche... Read more

#KenyaDecides2022. The tables might turn

Young people, although constituting the majority of Kenya’s population have felt marginalised in the political decision-making processes for a long time, and the same could be said of women. At the general election on 9... Read more

How climate change may influence malaria transmission

Climate change and rising temperatures have the potential to reshape the current malaria geography, says PhD student Nancy Kassam, Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre, Tanzania in this video interview. Read more

This is the People’s Dialogue Festival

Watch the #3rd video about the delegation of 25 Kenyan SDG champions who participated in Danida Fellowship Centre’s learning programme “Strengthening Policy Dialogue to Accelerate the SDGs” in 2021. One year later, the ... Read more

New do’s and dont’s in conflict mediation

The learning programme Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding helped Woli Julius Nyombe, Senior Programme Officer at DanChurchAid in South Sudan getting a better understanding of some of the do’s and don’ts in confl... Read more

Video: The green and blue dream of Buenos Aires becomes reality

Mariano Kristoff and Sergio Herbon from Buenos Aires City are using the skills and knowledge they acquired on Danida Fellowship Centre's Strategic Leadership and Change Management course in 2019. They are turning Argent... Read more

Video: Two burning questions for a green transition

Follow the two Danida fellowship change agents Dorcas Ohenewaa from Ghana and Antony Okeyo from Kenya on their journey through Denmark in search of sustainable solutions to some of the green transition challenges they f... Read more
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