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Danida Fellowship Centre offers learning opportunities to Denmark’s partners in developing and growth countries prioritized by Denmark’s development cooperation, Danida.

On behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Danida Fellowship Centre administers the development research grants provided by Denmark’s development cooperation, Danida. Danida Fellowship Centre administers annual calls for applications for research project grants, and ongoing research grants.

Danida Fellowship Centre coordinates the Danida Alumni Network, which is a unique global network of highly qualified individuals with a special connection to Denmark. The Danida Alumni Network is a platform for alumni to participate in a network for life-long learning, knowledge creation and knowledge sharing across sectors, disciplines and countries.

Danida Fellowship Centre co-operates closely with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is responsible for the political and strategic aspects of the development research grants, and defines the framework for the capacity development activities undertaken by the Danida Fellowship Centre for the partners in programmes financed by the Danish Official Development Assistance (ODA).

Danida Fellowship Centre employs 24 permanent staff members. In addition, Danida Fellowship Centre employs eight Danish students (junior staff) who are attached to the fellowship activities.

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Governing Body
Danida Fellowship Centre’s highest organ is the Board of Directors consisting of 3 members who are appointed for a three-year period, plus an employee representative.

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Danida Fellowship Centre employs 20 permanent staff members. In addition, Danida Fellowship Centre employs app. eight Danish students (junior staff) who are attached to the fellowship activities.

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Board of Directors

Chairperson Ms Margrethe Holm Andersen (PhD),
Senior Advisor, Department of Politics and Society,
Aalborg University

Mr Poul Engberg Pedersen,
Adviser; Development Policy and Management

Mr Verner Kristiansen,
Communications and International Development Advisor

Ms Pernille Friis,
Employee Representative

Ms Nanna Hvidt,
Head of Evaluation, Learning and Quality
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark