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Programme: Bridging the Gap. Science for the Public #2024


The global challenges we face demand innovative solutions from diverse perspectives in natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities. Embracing diversity enhances research quality.

Communication of academic research and science is essential to help the general public and policymakers make informed decisions on issues that face their countries and communities.

However, too much research knowledge and too many scientific results never make it to the public; knowledge is lost in the gap between the researchers and the media and public.

This “Bridging the Gap. Science for the public” seminar for Danida supported researchers aims to bridge these gaps, pave the way for increased research and science reporting in the media, and thereby contribute to deepen the impact and uptake of Danida funded research projects.

Bridging the Gap. Science for the Public is part of Danida Fellowship Centre’s Science engagement journey. If you have questions related to this programme, you are welcome to contact Vibeke Quaade vq@dfcentre.dk or Julie Bune research@dfcentre.dk.

Latest update of seminar programme. 3 April 2024. Subject to change

Tuesday 28 May 2024

 28 May 2024. Day 1 / online

Why care about communicating to the media & intro to news criteria

10.00 – 10.15 am CET
Welcome and intro: Why care about communication

Vibeke Quaade, Danida Fellowship Centre, Mapie Mhlangu, Media Strategist, Founder of MCC  and Kemigisha Fiona, SoMe expert, YouLead Africa

10.15 am – 1 pm CET
Your experience with communication?
Know your audience & the (current) global agenda related to your research topic
News criteria: Making your climate research interesting for the general public
Exercise: News criteria in your own research
Exercise: Find your key message

Facilitation by Lise Brix, Science Journalist at Videnskab.dk

Tuesday 30 May 2024

 30 May. Day 2 /online

How to write a press release and writeshop with individual mentor

10.00 – 12.00 pm CET 
Morning session

How to communicate
How to structure texts and speeches in an effective way
Use of language
Presentation of exercise: Write your own press release

12.00 pm – 3 pm CET (optional)
Afternoon session
Online availability to help you write your press release.
1-on-1 guidance by your course leaders (voluntary). 

Send your press release to: lb@ videnskab.dk and vq@dfcentre.dk. Deadline 2 June before midnight. A written press release is required to pass this course.

Facilitation by Lise Brix, Science Journalist at Videnskab.dk

Monday 17 June 2024

17 June. Day 3 / online

Get your key message across. 1-0-1 mini interviews

Pick your slot. Morning 10.00 – 11.00 am & afternoon 2-3 pm CET.

Mini-interviews conducted by Mapie Mhlangu, Media Strategist, Founder of MCC 

Tuesday 18 June 2024

18 June. Day 4 / online

Press releases and the art of collaborating with the media

10.00 am  – 1pm CET
General feedback and learning points from your press release
Feedback on 1-0-1 interviews
Pitch your story. 5 steps
Ongoing collaboration with media organisations. 10 steps

Facilitation by Mapie Mhlangu, Media Strategist, Founder of MCC  and Lise Brix, Science Journalist at Videnskab.dk

Thursday 20 June 2024

 20 June. Day 5 /online

Relevance of digital engagements in research

10 am – 12 pm CET

Digital engagements in research

Why Social Media
Identification of challenges
Strategies for online engagement

  • Identifying your target audience persona
  • Creating relevant and engaging content consistently
  • Building an organic audience
  • The power of strategic email engagement

Closing words

Facilitation by Fiona Kemi, SoMe expert, YouLead  Julie Bune, Vibeke Quaade, Danida Fellowship Centre

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