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Action Planning

An Action Plan allows you to make the learnings from a DFC supported learning programme actionable by supporting you in applying the tools, methods and knowledge that you acquire during the programme.

The AP toolbox can help you analyse, plan and implement initiatives in your own organisation – and elsewhere. The AP is both a process and its end product:

The AP process should ideally start early in the learning process where you, in close dialogue with key stakeholders of your organisation, zoom in on how your new knowledge and capabilities can benefit the organisation. The AP process can thus help you identify challenges that your organisation is currently facing and how these can be met through its daily work, projects or other initiatives.

The end product is the actual Action Plan, a “living” document that summarizes the analysis of the current situation, describes the desired future situation and the pathway of changes that your AP shall bring about. It also includes a description of the planned activities and the results that these activities are supposed to produce.

The module is divided into 4 sections:

  • What is an Action Plan
  • Why make an Action Plan
  • What is the logic behind the Action Plan
  • How to develop and work with an Action Plan


The e-learning module ‘Action Planning’ was developed by COWI on behalf of Danida Fellowship Centre.

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