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Annual Report 2018

This has been a noteworthy year. It started on a very positive note with the boost that the Finance Act gave to both the capacity development budget and the funds allocated for development research. This obviously gave all of the staff a heavier workload but everyone coped with the situation with their usual dedication and professionalism.

We consolidated the new research modalities and the procedures for matching the training needs of the Strategic Sector Cooperation projects with the opportunities offered by Danish institutions of higher education. Once again, the Danida Alumni Network expanded its reach and is now present in eight countries, four of which are Strategic Sector Cooperation countries.

To enhance the synergy among actors in research and Danish and national authorities in the Strategic Sector Cooperation countries, we initiated and supported a pilot knowledge sharing platform for research policy dialogue in Vietnam.

In the same spirit and in cooperation with the Dutch (Nuffic) and the Norwegian (Diku) sister organizations, we arranged and hosted the 2018 Donor Harmonization Group meeting, the group members being European based sister organisations. Under the title “Business as Unusual: Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Research and Higher Education” the forum explored how to optimize the support of higher and further education within the global paradigm shift from “aid to trade”.

In addition, we organized thematic meetings to enhance knowledge exchange among the research projects and we raised the level of our external communication up a notch with impacts on social media and in news outlets in Denmark and abroad.

Below please read more about our results and further Facts and Figures 2018.