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Assessing Health, environmental and life cycle Impacts


Students will be able to describe and analyze complex real-life impact assessment and chemical substitution problems, explain principles and modeling approaches of different impact
assessment methods, as well as apply impact assessment methods to questions from life cycle assessment, risk screening, product design and sustainability assessment.
Apply models to quantify environmental and health impacts of chemical emissions and chemicals in products.
Characterize human exposure and quantify health impacts based on existing data and assessment models.
Evaluate the relevance of different impact categories and develop priority lists of chemicals.
Evaluate strengths and limitations of quantitative impact assessment methods and determine and justify uncertainties.
Design and develop impact pathways that are aligned with current impact quantification methods.

Approach and Content:

The course will be divided into three main sections: (1) overview, understanding and modeling steps of different impact assessmentmethods; (2) principles, analysis and development of impact
pathways and quantification of environmental fate, exposure and effects; (3)rank and recommend best-in-class solutions based on quantified impacts and communicating results in a consistent, reliable andtransparent way to decision makers and stakeholders.

Target group:

Students must hold a Bachelor in Environmental and/or Chemical Engineering, or equivalent. Ideally, students bring some expertise in life cycle or risk assessment or similar qualifications.