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GroupCare Community is a digital non-public social network service used by members of organizations or companies in order to share messages, files, managing calendar events, and creating polls etc. within one or more defined groups of people.

BSU II Groupcare

DFC has created the parent group BSU II.

Project Coordinators (South and North) have been invited to join. Project Coordinators are requested to invite all their partners to the BSU II Group (under Group Contacts).

Within the group (name of the Group you are currently in can be seen in left hand top corner above the ‘group’ logo) you can write messages, upload files etc. which can be seen by all members in the group.

All group members can create sub-groups, if your wish, and invite members to your sub-group. In your sub-group you can create folders and have conversations visible for the sub-group members only. Menu for creating a sub-group can be found by clicking the arrrow ∇ below the ‘group’ logo at the left hand top corner.

Try it!

And use the tutorial  

in the right hand corner.

Do you need further assistance you are welcome to contact DFC at research@dfcentre.dk.


Good luck.