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Concluding 12 years of Building Stronger Universities


The Building Stronger Universities programme (BSU), spanning 12 years of collaboration between North and South universities, concluded its third phase in 2023.

Since its inception, the programme has contributed significantly to enhancing the participating universities’ research facilities, libraries, IT infrastructure, pedagogical approaches, university-wide policies, and financial management procedures. The universities have also adopted new policies and guidelines, and they have introduced postgraduate and PhD courses along with online and blended learning programmes. Furthermore, they have actively addressed community challenges, focusing among other issues on peace-building, reconciliation, youth unemployment, health, and climate change. Their research and training themes have been aligned with global development challenges, including climate change, genetic sequencing, epidemic prediction, sustainable tourism, and peace efforts. PhD graduates from the initiative now hold permanent positions, boosting research and teaching capacities.

To mark the conclusion of the first three phases of BSU, we invited representatives of the participating universities in Ghana, Uganda, Tanzania and Denmark to a seminar in order to discuss and assess the achievements and results, and explore how the extensive cross-border university partnership network could inform future endeavours. The seminar was held at MS TCDC in Arusha, Tanzania, in November 2023.

Prior to the seminar, Danida Fellowship Centre, in collaboration with the participating universities in Ghana, Tanzania and Uganda, compiled overview articles and organised writeshops together with Perspectivity to capture personal and institutional experiences from the collaboration. Six overview articles and sixteen stories of change, including six video testimonials, showcase the accomplishments of BSU so far.

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