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Conflict Management – Environmental Focus


The objective is to strengthen the capacity of participants to apply conflict analysis and conflict management approaches and tools to environmentally related conflicts. This includes understanding the causes of conflict related to environmental conditions, scarce resources, and

environmental and climate change – and how this relates to the broader analysis of conflict in the contexts that participants come from. Moreover, it is the ambition to enable the participants to contribute to instituting a conflict transformation culture in the participants’ organisations, which drive change, action, and learning in relation to conflict prevention and conflict management.


The following topics will be addressed in the course:

  • Analysing conflicts incl. stakeholders, societal and environmental causes and dynamics in conflict including the particular characteristics of environmentally related conflicts
  • Identifying and empowering capacities for management and transformation of environmentally related conflicts locally and nationally
  • Developing effective strategies for dealing with conflict at national, local, inter-group and individual level
  • Strengthening collaboration between key stakeholders, incl. how state, civil society and the private sector can collaborate to promote peace and conflict transformation
  • Understanding constructive ways of communicating and mediating in a conflict context
  • Start developing and practicing skills for conflict management and transformation
  • Action-planning for implementation of lessons learned in own organisations

Target group:

The course is designed for managers and staff working in public organisations like ministries and municipalities and for CSOs dealing with environmentally related conflicts on local, regional, and national level.