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Cost of learning programmes


Here you will find the approximate costs of learning programmes and studies when Danida Fellowship Centre (DFC) is involved.

Fee structure for interdisciplinary learning programmes

The fee structure for interdisciplinary learning programmes is based on a cost sharing setup where programmes/projects/NGOs are charged DKK 7,000 per study week for learning programmes conducted in Denmark, and DKK 5,000 per study week when conducted outside Denmark. This covers tuition fee, return, international air ticket, accommodation, personal allowances, insurances and visa fee.

The rationale behind the fee structure consisting of a relatively small fee paid by the participant’s organization is threefold. 1) DFC wishes to decrease the number of late cancellations,  2) DFC wishes to make learning  programmes available for a larger group, including the Danida programmes with less funds put aside for capacity development, 3) the Danida programmes, which do have funds for capacity development, will be able to forward applications for more than one candidate, and thereby be able to develop the capacity of a critical mass.

In case of late cancellations (i.e. when replacements cannot be organised), the fee is non-refundable.

Fee structure for Embassy participation in interdisciplinary learning programmes

As a consequence of expressed wishes from Embassies, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has approved that a limited number of Embassy employees may participate in the DFC learning programmes.

The embassy employees will, when feasible and possible, have access to up to two allocated slots, and will be charged for the marginal expenses only, i.e. travel, accommodation and per diem.

Hence, in order to ease the administration burden and make the cost equal for all, DFC has worked out the following fixed rates for participation in programmes in Denmark and priority countries: Embassies are charged DKK 8,250 per study week for programmes conducted in Denmark, and DKK 6,000 per study week for programmes conducted outside Denmark.

In case of late cancellations (i.e. when replacements cannot be organised), the fee is non-refundable.

Fees for Suppliers courses and Degree studies

The study fees for suppliers’ courses and degree studies are based on actual costs and information about tuition fees can be obtained from the respective academic institutions.

The cost of accommodation, allowances, travel, and DFC’s administration is described below.

Cost estimates for Tailor-made courses and Study tours

For budget purposes covering tailor-made courses and study tours in 2016 the following figures may be used:

Tuition fee for short courses – DKK 35-40,000 per participant per month.
Accommodation – DKK 1,300 per fellowship week (if DFC hostel)
Allowances – DKK 1,650 per fellowship week
Air ticket – DKK 9,000 per trip
DFC’s administration (incl. insurances, visa, counseling, social and cultural activities, etc.) – 7%

– or alternatively DKK 13,000-15,000 all inclusive per fellowship week.

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