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Danida Fellowship Centre’s COVID-19 guidelines


At the Danida Fellowship Centre, we follow the developments of COVID-19 closely.

We strongly recommend that Danida fellows always comply with the guidelines given by the Danish health authorities.

On the Danish Health Authorities’ Website you can get a quick overview of all applicable COVID-19 measures and restrictions, as well as guidelines for how to get tested, and statistics about the spread of the virus in Denmark.

There are currently no COVID-19 restrictions in Denmark. Use of facemasks is, however, required in medical institutions and public senior citizen care facilities, if you experience respiratory symptoms.
However, please keep yourself up-to-date by checking current rules and regulations prior to any travels to and from Denmark.

If you have COVID-19 symptoms

If you have symptoms of COVID-19 and feel sick, you can either take a home test or get a PCR-test. Current guidelines do not require you to isolate, even if you test positive. Unless you feel particularly ill, there is no need to contact a doctor; however, if you are worried or have questions about what you should do, you should contact the relevant COVID-19 hotline here. Outside office hours, you can call the medical helpline in your region.
In the Copenhagen area, the helpline is +45 1813.

If you test positive for COVID-19

If your test result comes back positive (positiv or påvist), you are infected with COVID-19 and must observe the general recommendations of the Danish Health Authorities. You are not required to isolate, but are encouraged to remain cautious if you have symptoms – read about what applies to you here.
Please also make sure you let DFC know in case you test positive during your study stay in Denmark.
In case of other urgent matters concerning COVID-19, contact DFC at +45 3536 1322.

Latest update: 11/01/2022

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