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Creating a greener and more sustainable future  – one story at a time


They are from South Africa, they are young and they are eloquent. They also share the same goal as millions of other young people around the world. 

Their names are Refilwe Felicity Damane, Nthabiseng Nooe, Khanyiselo Kumalo and Amanda Ngwenya. They want to be part of reversing the current downward spiral of global climate destruction and create a greener, more sustainable future.Currently they are in Denmark to pursue a Master’s degree as Danida  fellows under Denmark’s strategic sector cooperation with South Africa.

All candidates for a full master’s programme under Denmark’s Strategic Sector Cooperation must be endorsed by the Sector Counsellor of the particular Strategic Sector Cooperation project for which their participation in the study is deemed relevant. Applications for scholarships under the DFC Scholarship Programme can ONLY be submitted by the Sector Counsellors. Only a limited number of scholarships are approved each year.

Refilwe Felicity Damane

Electricity can change future generations and restore dignity in their lives, says Felicity Damane,

She wants to use her studies to work with corporate sustainability in South Africa, and helping corporates improve their environmental impact through green goals.

Refilwe Felicity Damane, MSc student, Environmental and Resource Management, SDU Esbjerg


Nthabiseng Nooe

I will apply myself until my last breath to work in the water sector, says Nthabiseng Nooe.

Although most of South Africa’s water supply comes from surface water, Nthabiseng Nooe’s professional background is in groundwater, which explains Denmark as her study choice.

I thought if I went to a country where groundwater is the major resource it would give me a chance to learn about technologies, approaches and the management principles that could be of use in South Africa. 

Nthabiseng Nooe,  MSc student, Environmental and Resource Management, SDU Esbjerg


Khanyiselo Kumalo

One point two billion people around the world are still without access to electricity and more than 40 pct of the world’s population still rely on polluting and unhealthy fuel for cooking.

I believe that energy is an enabler to human development. And so if you start to solve energy problems you allow people to move up the rankings and improve their lives, says Khanyiselo Kumalo, who believes in the power of affordable and clean energy SDG7.

Khanyiselo Kumalo, MSc student, Urban, Energy and Environmental Planning, AAU Aalborg


Amanda Ngwenya

The renewable energy share of total final energy consumption in the world has gradually been increasing since 2010. However, much faster growth is required to meet long term climate goals.

I want to secure a viable environment of affordable and clean energy into our current energy framework in South Africa, says Amanda Ngwenya.

Amanda Ngwenya, MSc student, Sustainable Energy Study, BioEnergy, DTU



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