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Danida Alumni Network; a unique global network



Since the very first Danida fellows came to Denmark in the 1960s, about twenty thousand fellows from 120 countries in the Global South have been awarded Danida Fellowships.

All over the world former Danida fellows take up important positions. They hold jobs where they influence and effect change. In different capacities from doctors and nurses to teachers, professors, judges, government ministers and CEOs they drive development in a broad spectrum of sectors.

Read what the ambassadors say:

Tove Degnbol, Danish Ambassador, Ghana

Many Danida alumni occupy decision-making positions in both government organizations and in private companies. To me, they are an obvious choice as ambassadors and facilitators between Danes and our international partners because they can bridge cultures and connect people

Charlotte Laursen, Danish Ambassador, Vietnam

The overall objective of Denmark-Vietnam Alumni Network is to strengthen the relationship between Vietnam and Denmark. We are very keen to create bonds between Danish companies in Vietnam and Vietnamese students who have a degree from a Danish university college.

Common for the fellows is their unique connection to Denmark and Danida Fellowship Center.

Many of the fellows have stayed at the Danida Fellowship Center hostel. Through social and cultural activities, they have established close relations and friendship that transcend professional boundaries borders and nationalities.

To support and expand on the linkages and partnerships in this unique global network of fellows, Danida Fellowship Center launched Danida Alumni Network in May 2016.

So far, 1894 Danida alumni have signed up at Danida Alumni Network and local Danida Alumni Networks have been established in Vietnam and Ghana in collaboration with the Danish embassies in Hanoi and in Ghana.

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