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The Danida Alumni Prize 2021 award show


On 3 November 2021, Dr Olman Segura-Bonilla was awarded the 2021 Danida Alumni Prize

The award ceremony took place in Costa Rica as part of the opening of the 17 Globelics C0nference . It was streamed online to a global audience of 1000s.

To celebrate and thank Dr Segura Bonilla for for his tireless efforts and important role in Costa Rica’s Green Transition Fleming Møller Mortensen, Denmarks Minister for Development Corporation send a special video message while Erik Høeg, Ambassador to Colombia joined online from Bogatá to present his speech. The motivation speech was presented by Margrethe Holm Andersen, Board Chair of Danida Fellowship Centre. Last year’s prize winner, Peter Okwoke, MSc and CEO of Takataka Plastics had travelled from Uganda to Costa Rica to hand over the prize  –  one Danida alum to another.

Dr. Olman Segura-Bonilla earned his Ph.D. from the research group IKE (Innovation, Knowlegde and Economic Dynamics) from Aalborg University in 2000. Segura-Bonilla was a Danida fellow at Aalborg University where he participated in the research project Sustainable Development Strategies for Central America under Danida’s Enhancing Research Capacity, ENRECA programme.

In his PhD project Segura-Bonilla, developed concepts that contributed to Costa Rica’s climate strategy in terms of carbon emission reduction, which later on became an essential part of the strategy. His innovative thinking and ability to create new knowlegde and implement this knowlegde has contributed in making Costa Rica a country in the forefront when it comes to green transition. Moreover, his interest in sustainable development has also made Costa Rica a pioneering country when it comes to eco-tourism.

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