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Danida Fellows Network 2.0


Our global sustainability challenges are becoming increasingly complex. Solving these challenges requires a collective effort from all sectors, disciplines, and countries. While it is true that change starts at the individual level, it cannot be achieved without joint action.

To address this, the Danida Fellows Network was launched in 2022. The aim of the network is to create a platform where Danida fellows can share their knowledge and experiences in order to inspire, connect, and act.

This network is the updated version of the former Danida Alumni Network, and it brings together professionals from all over the world who are dedicated to sustainable development. All members of the network have participated in a Danida Fellowship Centre’s learning program or in a Danida-supported research project.

Each of the fellows has a unique set of skills and experiences that are critical in solving the puzzle of how to achieve sustainable development. The Danida Fellows Network provides a space where they can collaborate and put their knowledge into action.

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