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Danida Fellows Network: Working together makes us stronger


By providing a collaborative space for joint learning and experience sharing, Danida Fellows Network from Kenya contribute their knowledge and experience to the Danish-Kenyan Strategic Sector Cooperation

The members of Danida Alumni Network Kenya (DANKE) are highly skilled professionals who have either participated in a Danida Fellowship Centre learning programme or been engaged in research in Denmark. Their expertise spans the various sectors and disciplines aligned with Danish-Kenyan Strategic Sector Cooperation priorities, making them valuable contributors to the design and execution of new programmes and providers of crucial insights for ongoing initiatives.

Denmark’s Strategic Sector Cooperation programmes in Kenya focus on critical areas such as food safety, circular economy, water and energy. During the recent seminar, “Bringing Knowledge into Action,” held in Nairobi in November 2023, the significance of the role that Danida alumni can play in the success of the sector programmes in these areas was highlighted.

A network like this is important for Denmark and for us working in Kenya. It gives us insights, access and understanding and thus it is a crystal-clear example of the role of an alumni network,  said Stephan Schønemann, Denmark’s ambassador to Kenya.

During the event, participants were organised into thematic groups for discussions and dialogues relevant to each of the three priority areas of the Strategic Sector Cooperation. This structured approach facilitated in-depth conversations amongst specialists rooted in the Kenyan context.

Jørgen Erik Larsen, Sector Counsellor for Water, emphasised the colossal value of the alumni network for the Strategic Sector Cooperation programmes.

As a newly arrived sector counsellor in Kenya responsible for starting up a new water programme, having a network of professionals trained in Denmark in this field was crucial. This was, and continues to be, important not only for understanding where my colleagues and I were coming from but, more importantly, for connecting with key people.

As we collaborate, Danida Fellowship Centre, the Danish Embassy and the Danida Fellows Network can collectively transform a wealth of knowledge into awareness and actionable policies and practices. This contributes to a more sustainable future and a better environment in Kenya, said Caroline Kasiwai, Membership and Liaison Offocer, Danida Alumni Network Kenya.

Danida Fellowship Centre supports members of national alumni networks in order to foster the exchange of knowledge within and across sectors. By providing network members with a forum to convene through the Danida Fellows Network, our ambitious goal is to mobilise them to inspire, connect, and act in pursuit of a sustainable future.

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