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Data collection and security in difficult field conditions

Photo from the Danida supported research project “Rights and Resilience in Kenya (RARE). Photo: Iben Nathan.

Data collection for research in the Global South may pose a series of difficulties, and some of the challenges have been accentuated in recent times. Some countries and regions are from time to time very difficult to visit – especially for Europeans whose presence is especially visible. Moreover, the presence of European researchers can prove a liability to local researchers. Research and capacity building are still important activities in these countries and should not be suspended without reflection on the actual possibilities for these activities.

Are you a researcher who is interested in this topic and in Danida research grants (FFU projects), join us:

Monday 7 March 2022 10:00hrs. – 15:00hrs
Konsistoriesalen, Frederiksberg Campus. Bülowsvej 17,
1870 Frederiksberg.

Sign up here. Deadline for sign up is 1 March 2022 14:00hrs 

There will be room for 50 participants. If interest exceeds capacity, DFC reserves the right to allocate places based on institutional and geographical considerations. In this case, live streaming of the meeting will be made available for those who cannot be present

The recent/present corona pandemic has motivated people to think creatively about how to conduct research with severe restrictions in movement. Some of the creative methodologies that have come to the fore in this context are equally useful if the reasons for limited access are unrest, or instability. Even if data collection can partly or fully be conducted in the field, security and risk may still be relevant considerations. This has always been the case, but it would seem that the research community has not addressed these challenges in a very explicit or systematic way.

The present workshop Data Collection and Security in Difficult Field Conditions has two purposes. First, we wish to present and exchange experience among researchers who have obtained or wish to obtain an FFU grant which includes data collection and training in this field. The objective is to make the research community, the FFU and Danida Fellowship Centre aware and familiar with a series of data collection techniques and develop a useful, light, instrument for information sharing. This will enable applicants to be explicit about contingency methods for areas where travel and presence is not unproblematic.

Second, we wish to discuss what realistic measures researchers can adopt in terms of preparing for operating in insecure settings. This may also, eventually, become part of future FFU application material. The specific output will be the definition of two additional specific types of information that the applicants for FFU grants will have to supply to be eligible for grants. This will be relevant where FFU considers a contingency plan necessary for reasons
of unpredictability and risk.
The event is jointly organized by University of Copenhagen (UCPH), Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS) and Danida Fellowship Centre.
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