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Digital Transformation & Green Transition


The programme is designed to build a digital sustainability mindset as well as give the participants an introduction to the Danish context taking the point of departure in the Danish digitalization and sustainability experiences The programme aims to enable application of digital technologies to promote environmental sustainability in the local contexts and institutions, which the participants are working in.

Content and Approach:

To support the learning goals of the course the classes will be built on a “blended learning” approach, using a wide variety of learning forms to guarantee an optimal outcome for each participant.

This will include:

  • Classic lectures combined with cases, videos and assignments to reflect on.
  • Team based learning as well as individual based learning
  • Experimental based learning that will be achieved though working with a hands-on project and data (by the use of technology tools, analytics and possibly own data).

Peer-based learning with focus on a structured learning process between the participants.

Target group: