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Energy systems modelling using Balmorel


This course provides participants with the knowledge and tools needed to understand and further develop the Balmorel model, for the purpose of constructing and performing energy systems analyses tailored to their own context.


The course enables participants to understand large scale energy system analyses, learn how to analyze energy systems, including analysis of economic policy measures, and be encouraged to think critically on results, use, and key assumptions. Participants construct a Balmorel model tailored to their own country to find the optimal future investments in energy systems. This is facilitated through the work on an Action Plan for how participants intend to engage their new learnings, when they return to their home country/organization.

Target group

The course targets professionals, who are either new to modelling in Balmorel or need to refresh their skills. Participants must have basic knowledge of energy systems. Knowledge of energy systems modelling/analysis, and some knowledge of mathematical modelling and/or operations research, is a benefit, but is not required. Applicants can be from authorities, industry, and university faculty, and must hold at least a bachelor’s degree in relevant field.