A trip around Christiania and Our Saviour’s Church

About the event


This Saturday we will visit the famous and magical village of Christiania. Since the 70s this unique area in the middle of the city has been used and inhabited by a diverse group of people who are attempting to lead an alternative life based on communal living. Today Christiania welcomes everyone and is considered one of the greatest tourist attractions in Copenhagen. Prepare to visit a space full of art, music, shops, cafés and lots of colours. During the trip we will guide you through the history and mentality of the place.

After the walk and a warm drink at Christiania, we will visit the nearby beautiful church tower of Vor Frelser Kirke. The view of Copenhagen is amazing from here!

Included in the price is a warm drink and entrance fee to the tower.

Make sure to eat a big breakfast before we meet and wear proper walking shoes & clothing. Please bring your travel card.


Day:Saturday, February 18th 2023
Time:10:00 am
Price in DKK:60 DKK
Last day of sign up:15/02/2023
Meeting Place:DFC Café
Min. Number of participants:5
Max. Number of participants:
Student:Noah & Sophie