About the event

Once a year Culture Night takes place in Copenhagen. 

During this evening more than 200 museums, theaters, libraries, churches, ministries and parks throughout the city will host events and be open to the public. It is the perfect opportunity to experience Danish culture.

Culture Night requires a pass which costs 110 DKK. We will buy this together at the nearest 7/11. Once you buy your pass, entrance fees and public transportation is free.

If you want to join me for an eventful walk around Copenhagen, meet me in the café at 19:00. (No registration is required, but min. 5 participants).


Day:Friday, October 13th 2023
Time:7:00 pm
Price in DKK:110 dkk
Last day of sign up:
Meeting Place:The Cafe
Min. Number of participants:5
Max. Number of participants:-