Taste Danish food: Smørrebrød

About the event

On Friday, you’ll have the chance to try the delicious and traditional Danish “smørrebrød”

Smørrebrød is open sandwiches on ryebread, and ryebread is a very Danish kind of bread made on sourdough. 

Danes eat smørrebrød for lunch and for traditional celebrations such as Easter and Christmas lunch. 

You can build your own smørrebrød, so you are free to pick what you like – I will guide you for the common Danish combinations 🙂 


Day:Friday, March 17th 2023
Time:8:00 pm
Price in DKK:You pay for each 'Smørrebrød' you get
Last day of sign up:
Meeting Place:The Cafe
Min. Number of participants:-
Max. Number of participants:-