The Open Air Museum

About the event

Learn about Danish history, architecture and culture dating back 200 years and get a feel of how Denmark looked and felt back then. The open air museum takes us to a different world where we will be able to visit fully furnished homes of people in the past. We will see the homes of peasants, the wealthy miller, the village weaver and many more. 

We will provide lunch, which we will be able to eat in the beautiful surroundings of Danish history.

Afterwards we will stroll through a beautiful park with historical monuments and a small lake. While there we will take advantage of the big open areas to play a game of “round ball” as we call it in danish, but it is similar to baseball. The game is only for those interested and we are more than happy to have fans on the sidelines. We will end our stroll at the old Sorgenfri castle.


We are gonna walk around and play a fun game so bring comfy shoes, water and a small jacket depending on the weather.


Day:Saturday, July 13th 2024
Time:10:00 am
Price in DKK:210
Last day of sign up:08/07/2024
Meeting Place:The Cafe
Min. Number of participants:10
Max. Number of participants:30
Student:Thea and Josephine