Trip to Amalienborg, Christianshavn & North Atlantic house

About the event

Join us on this half day trip to Amalienborg Castle and Christianshavn with a visit to the North Atlantic House  

Saturday we will visit Amalienborg Palace to take a peek behind the scenes of the Danish Royal Family and experience the changing of the royal guards: A tradition dating back to 1658. 

After this, we will walk through Nyhavn with its famous coloured houses, to visit the North Atlantic House in Christianshavn and enjoy an informative guided tour of the house with its historical relation to Greenland, Iceland, and the Faroe Islands.

Lastly, we will stroll through Copenhagen’s oldest and most charming neighborhood, Christianshavn. 

We look forward to exploring the city with you! 

We are going to be walking a fair bit so bring comfy shoes, warm clothes and maybe some water. Lunch will not be included so bring a snack or have a big breakfast before the trip.


Day:Saturday, March 11th 2023
Time:11:00 am
Price in DKK:60 dkk
Last day of sign up:06/03/2023
Meeting Place:The Cafe
Min. Number of participants:10
Max. Number of participants:30
Student:Josephine & Sally