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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find the answers to some of the questions about a fellowship in Denmark that we often encounter at the Danida Fellowship Centre.

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About Denmark
Q What is the level of prices in Denmark?
A In Denmark, the level of prices is relatively high. However, the fellow’s allowance is sufficient to maintain a decent living standard.

Q What language is spoken in Denmark?
A Denmark has its own language – Danish, but most Danes also speak English.

Q Is the tap water drinkable?
A Yes, the tap water is drinkable everywhere in Denmark. This means that it is also safe to eat raw vegetables, salads, etc. which have been rinsed under running water.

Q Is there any dangerous wildlife in Denmark?
A No – the biggest carnivore is the badger. It is rarely seen as it hunts during night and it avoids people.
The mosquitoes in Denmark do not carry malaria.
There are very few natural dangers in Denmark.

Q How much crime is there in Denmark?
A The crime rate in Denmark is low. It is safe to walk the streets at night. However, fellows should always lock the door when leaving their room. If they are accommodated at ground floor level, they should also leave windows shut. You should also be aware of pickpocketing.

Q Are Danes a religious people?
A Although more than 90% of the Danish population is members of the Danish National Evangelical Lutheran Church, Danes cannot be said to be a very religious people. The Church is mainly used for baptisms, confirmations, weddings, and funerals. Only a small minority attends church on a regular basis. Other denominations are primarily found in the larger cities. Services held in English can also be found in the larger cities.