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Fruitful Development Workshop in Ouagadougou



– for Southern-based Training Institutions

By Eva Thaulow Nielsen, Project Coordinator

Together with Initiatives Conseil International (ICI), Burkina Faso, and COWI, Denmark, Danida Fellowship Centre (DFC) hosted a development workshop in Ouagadougou from 25th to 27th March 2015.

The workshop targeted the Southern-based Training Institutions (STIs) from some of the French speaking countries in West Africa.


Mr. Daniel de la Cour from COWI presented the new action plan of the Danida Capacity Development Support Programme (DCDSP) and gave examples on how the STIs could be involved in future work.

Participants were asked to come up with ideas on how their respective organizations could contribute to the implementation of the action plan and a brainstorm resulted in many great outputs.

The STIs agreed on playing a bigger role in the implementation process.

Action plan in action

The tool ‘Action Plan’ is a very important part of the DFC courses and after having discussed the concept, time had come for the STIs to work on their own action plan.

Mr Samuel Kaboré took the participants through all aspects of the action planning tool and went into a productive dialogue with the participants about the implementation of action planning in all aspects of the training before, during and after the course.
He also explained the importance of going through all phases in order for the outcome to benefit the whole organization and not only each of the individual course participants.

Skype meetings in the future

Finally, Ms Annette Kaalund-Jørgensen from DFC gave a presentation on our new DFC Assessment platform and went into a dialogue with the STIs about the collaboration with DFC in general.
All agreed upon the fact that it had been a fruitful seminar and one suggestion was that in the future DFC and STIs should have Skype meetings regularly in order to coordinate the programme, to give feedback on the different courses and to exchange ideas about various learning tools and new ideas in general.


The participants

The following institutions were present at the seminar: ICI, 2iE, Expertise Genre et Business International (EG & BI), SARL, Diakonia, Cabinet d’Etudes Associes en Management Public et Developpement (AMD SARL), Chaire Unesco de Droit de la Personne Humaine et de la Démocratie et Ecole Nationale D’Administration et de Magistrature (ENAM).

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