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Green Growth

Green Growth

The overall learning objectives of this e-learning module on green growth are:

  • understanding of the concept of and the rationale behind green growth;
  • knowledge about real-life green growth cases;
  • insights in green growth and the international development agenda;
  • improved ability to identify and analyze green growth opportunities; and
  • ideas on how participants can begin ‘greening’ their own daily activities – at home and in the workplace.


The module is intended to provide participants with an introduction to green growth and its role in the development agenda. The module is short, but even so it has the potential to not only facilitate participants understanding of the concept – but also to inspire and enable them to start taking action – and to ‘green’ activities at their work place and at home.

It has the following sessions:

1. Introduction
2. Green Growth Characteristics
3. Green Growth Cases
4. Green Growth and the Sustainable Development Goals
5. Options for Action

The e-learning module ‘Green Growth’ has been developed by Niras on behalf of Danida Fellowship Centre.

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