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Frequently Asked Questions

Q Is it possible to get a medical check-up while in Denmark?
A Yes, at the general practitioner. The check-up is subject to a charge (currently app. DKK 2,000). Please note that neither the insurance nor Danida Fellowship Centre will cover this charge.

Q If pregnant, is it possible to complete the course or study?
A Yes.
Short courses: You course finishing date (departure date) must be earlier than two months prior to your due date.
Longer study stays: It is not possible for you to give birth while in Denmark, so if your due date is during your planned stay in Denmark, your study in Denmark will be cancelled or postponed.

Q Is it possible to get an eyesight test while in Denmark?
A Yes, most opticians/spec shops do eyesight tests for free and you are not obliged to purchase glasses at the shop.

Q Does the medical insurance cover new glasses while in Denmark?
A No

Q In case I fall sick what do I do?
A You contact your general practitioner. If you are in Denmark less than three months (and not covered by the National Health Scheme), it is advisable to contact the DFC office.

Q How do I contact the Danida Fellowship Centre counsellor?
A Please send an e-mail to the DFC office (dfc@dfcentre.dk) and book an appointment.

Q In case of an emergency what do I do?
A If outside office hours call the emergency service – Helpline on 1813. You will find further information in the folder: Welcome to Danida Fellowship Centre/name of hotel.