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How to make your business idea reality


Have you been contemplating a business idea, but feel unsure of how to roll it out? The Knowledge in Action Talk “How to make your business idea reality” will give you the inspiration and confidence to take the next step.

Please join us HERE for our new virtual talk series on 22 June 2021 2-3.30 pm CEST. 

You may be a researcher, a specialised civil servant or other subject matter expert. Your knowledge and experience have shown the seeds of a business concept that has the potential to deliver meaningful impact. But where do you go from here? How can you find out if your concept is viable and worth pursuing?

The talk How to make your business idea reality will inspire and motivate you to bring the knowledge you have into action. You will explore the Golden Circle, go through the why and how to engage with people and be introduced to the Business Model Canvas as a useful tool for mapping out your concept.  You will also get a chance to be inspired and draw from the experiences of how others have translated their knowledge into a viable business, as shared by Danida Alumni, Margaret Miano from Kenya and Mateo Osorio Tamayo from Colombia.

How to make your business idea reality is the very first of Danida Fellowship Centre’s new virtual series of online Knowledge in Action Talks. The talk is facilitated by Rasmus Berg Larsen and Sofie Hammerskov from our partner SEGES  – a leading agricultural knowledge and innovation centre in Denmark.

Take part in our new virtual talk series as we seek to convene brilliant minds, provide powerful inspiration and facilitate meaningful connections across our knowledge ecosystem.

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