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Human Rights Based Approach (MS TCDC)


With this course participants will gain the theoretical and practical knowledge needed to ground their development programming in the principles of HRBA, enabling them to more effectively address societal inequalities and injustices within the context of their work. This course will draw from real life case studies to help participants understand the advantages and limitations of HRBA, while also incorporating practical exercises allowing participants to learn how to integrate the core principles of HRBA into all stages of development programming and advocacy work: from planning and implementation, to monitoring, evaluation, and reporting.


Tentative topics expected to be covered during the course:

  1. Historical and Philosophical overview of human rights
  2. Human Rights Standards and Mechanisms
  3. Human Rights in Development Policy and Practice
  4. Human Rights Based Approaches (HRBA)to Development
  5. Standards for HRBA Programming
  6. Power discourse and analysis
  7. Empowerment – Building Power from Below
  8. Solidarity – Social Movements and Building Power from Below
  9. Campaigning – Advocacy and Building Power from Below
  10. Alternatives – Increasing rights, redistributions and resilience
  11. Challenges and Opportunities for HRBA
  12. Assessment of HRBA Programming

Target group

The course will target 10-15 participants from the African continent. Participants must be related to the Danish Strategic Sector Cooperation (either directly or indirectly) or be a Danida-funded partner. The course is highly relevant for a diverse group of professionals with an interest in the overall subject. Participants may represent government institutions, civil society organisations as well as business interests. Participants must have a good command of English.