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DFC recommends that the fellow arrives alone and familiarizes him- /herself with the conditions in Denmark, before possible visitors arrive.  

Spouses or other close relatives are welcome to visit, provided that he/she pays for and arranges everything in connection with the visit: Air ticket, insurance, visa and accommodation. The relative will have to apply directly at the Danish Embassy for a Schengen visa and the fellow will have to provide the relative with an invitation letter stating that he/she pays for all his/her expenses. This letter, proof of insurance cover, as well as air ticket (e-ticket) is required for issuing the visa. Please note that spouse/close relative visits cannot exceed one month in the Danida Fellowship Centre provided place of accommodation, and that you have to inform Danida Fellowship Centre about the visit.

Please note that it is not possible for your child(ren) below the age of 18 to be with you during your study stay in Denmark. The accommodation at the Danida Fellowship Centre Hostel is not well suited for young children, and there are no child-care arrangements in the Danida Fellowship Centre programme.

You are welcome to have other visitors staying with you for a maximum of one week at the Danida Fellowship Centre Hostel. Please note that this only applies for a single adult visitor, and not for children. If you are staying at a hotel – you may be able to make an arrangement with the hotel upon extra payment. Note that this will be at your own expense.

In Copenhagen, the accommodation will either be at Danida Fellowship Centre’s own hostel at Hostrupsvej (68 one-roomed self-contained flats), or at a hotel.

  1. Danida Fellowship Centre Hostel – the rooms are one room flats with a single bed/bedding. Danida Fellowship Centre does not provide extra bedding for visitors.
  2. Hotels – you may be able to make an arrangement with the hotel upon extra payment. Note that this will be at your own expense.

For fellows who will stay outside of Copenhagen other rules may apply. Please contact DFC staff for further information.

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