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Social and Cultural Activities

As a Danida fellow, you will be offered a number of social and cultural activities during your stay in Denmark arranged by Danida Fellowship Centre in Copenhagen or your place of study outside Copenhagen.

Outside Copenhagen these activities are arranged by the places of study. In Copenhagen the activities are Danida Fellowhsip Centre’s responsibility and include information and debate meetings about Danish culture and norms, dialogues with Danish politicians or film or cooking evenings. You may also be offered excursions to famous cultural or historical sites or to the Danish parliament.

Apart from the arranged activities by Danida Fellowship Centre there are a multitude of activities to participate in outside the places of accommodation and study, whether you stay in Copenhagen or in another city. You can find information about this by asking the Danes and/or search the numerous websites in English.

Fellows in Copenhagen

Danida Fellowship Centre offers a wide range of activities, e.g. cooking club, movie nights, introductions and debate evenings as well as weekend excursions.

The programme is advertised in the monthly online issue of The Fellowship Post. ‘Introduction and Debate’ to and about Denmark takes place in the DFC café on Tuesday evenings once or twice a month. The themes for these events are e.g, Family Life and the Political System and Democracy. The purpose of the ‘Introduction and Debate’ is to give the fellows knowledge about Danish life and culture.

If you are a fellow in Copenhagen we recommend you familiarize yourself with the Fellowship Post – a monthly online activity programme.

Copenhagen – Activity Calendar

Fellows outside Copenhagen

Outside Copenhagen, our fellows are hosted in Aarhus, Alborg, Esbjerg and Odense. Besides the social and cultural activities arranged by the study places you may also wish to look up information, contacts and activities offered by the International Student Houses and associations.

Aarhus – International Student House

Aalborg – International Student House

Esbjerg – International Student House

Odense – International Student House