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Interdisciplinary learning programmes

NB Please note that due to a decision by the Danish government to channel the funds allocated for Danida Capacity Development Support Programme into support for growth and transition countries involved in the Strategic Sector Cooperation (SSC) facility there will – from 2018 and onwards – be no learning programme portfolio as such – and any learning programmes on offer outside the SSC facility will be very limited and advertised on an ad hoc basis.

Interdisciplinary learning programmes typically last 2 weeks. The target audience is people with different backgrounds and from different disciplines – all working in Danida supported programmes and organizations. Read more about who can apply.

The programme portfolio is prepared considering the following key criteria:

  • Reflection of the Strategy for Denmark’s Development Cooperation, The World 2030 (2017). The Strategy presents several strategic priorities: peace, security and protection; migration; sustainable growth; human rights, democracy and gender equality
  • Programmes also demonstrate Danish commitments to UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), especially SDGs #5 (gender equality); #7 (sustainable energy); #13 (climate); #16 (peace, justice, institutions); #17 (partnerships). Denmark has decided to prioritize these SDGs in a drive to focus Danida’s efforts on areas where they do the most good and where they strategically employ comparative Danish strengths and advantages as well as Danish expertise and experience