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Invitation for tenders

In accordance with the new rules for competition (“Konkurrenceloven”), DFC will apply the following methods of selecting study places:
  • Single source selection for contracts not exceeding DKK 250,000.
  • Limited competitive tendering for contract above DKK 250,000 and not exceeding DKK 500,000. This procedure allows only the places of study invited by DFC to submit tenders.
  • Open tendering for contracts exceeding DKK 500,000.


Prospective tenderers are expected to keep themselves updated on future possibilities via the DFC web site, being either calls for open tenders or notice about expected future contracts in the second category for which potential places of study are invited to indicate their interest in a short capability statement.

2016 Tenders (CLOSED)

Framework Agreement – Roster – deadline has passed. The selected organizations/consortia for the ‘DFC Roster of Capacity Development Service Providers’ are the Tana-led consortium, the COWI-led consortium, the Konsulentnetværket-led consortium, the PEMconsult-led consortium, NIRAS, and the Nordic Consulting Group led consortium.

2015  Tenders (CLOSED)

2014 Tenders (CLOSED)

In 2014, Danida Fellowship Centre will put out the following three courses for tender (these courses have the private sector as a main target group):

2013 Tenders (CLOSED)

In 2013, Danida Fellowship Centre will put out the following courses for tender (courses to be organised from 2014):


2012 Limited Competitive Tenders (CLOSED)

Gender Mainstreaming (sent to CISU, Grontmij, “Rights and Diversity Forum” and Tana Copenhagen). Contract awarded to Grontmij.

Financial Management and Good Governance (sent to COWI, Grontmij, LGDK, Rambøll Management and Tana Copenhagen). Contract awarded to Rambøll Management.