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It made it easier to understand how globalization works


By Jan Kjær

31 year old Veronica Matheba studied at University of Copenhagen from 2009-11 and under ESLP she obtained a Master of Science in Agricultural Economics specializing in agribusiness and food economics.

After the study leave she is now back as economist in the Lipopo Department of Agriculture in South Africa.

How are you in SA applying the knowledge gained in Denmark?

The knowledge of agricultural policy, econometrics and agribusiness learned in the programme made me realize how we can solve the challenges facing SA agriculture as a sector.

Econometric theory can be used to test the policies in place whether they are yielding results or not, and the recommendation thereof on how our agricultural policies can be amended for the better of our economy.

Did you studies in Denmark result in any benefit for the South African agribusiness?

Denmark and SA are two different countries, in terms of how they developed their agribusinesses. But we learned about models Denmark used in developing its agribusinesses which might not be transferred to South Africa as they are, but need some kind of modifications to suit SA situations.

Has the studies made it easier for you to work in a globalized economy?

My studies made it easier for me to understand how the globalized economy operates, and the advantages and disadvantages of the globalization especially on the developing countries like SA.

Has ELSP helped you in developing your potential as a professional?

Oh yes! As I always wanted to further my studies to learn more in the field of agric economics the scholarship provided me with the skills, expertise and exposure I needed in my career. The only one thing I wanted so much was to get an internship and apply what I learned in the real world especially in Denmark, which would have given me a sense of the practicality of what I have learned.

Was studying in Denmark different from your previous experiences?

Oh yes! It was a new learning curve altogether. The teaching style was different and it was inducing how to think independently in different situations. I loved it!

What has this opportunity finalizing a Master in Denmark meant for you?

It meant growing in my career with international experience! That’s awesome. Not everybody gets such opportunity, I felt blessed and thank God for such an exposure in my career path.

How has it changed your life?

I have an international exposure, skills and knowledge that can be used to climb my career ladder.




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