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Knowledge in Action

Promoting knowledge sharing and collaboration

The global challenges of today calls for knowledge sharing and collaboration across countries, sectors, and disciplines. Solutions must be found through the joint efforts of many different stakeholders.

Danida Fellowship Centre promotes and help establish conducive spaces for policy makers, practitioners and academia to share their knowledge and create new more sustainable solutions to development challenges.  Knowledge sharing and collaboration are part of everything we do.

In our learning programmes and support to organizational change, we bring together stakeholders from various countries and sectors, we facilitate peer dialogue and learning, we host debates and dialogues, we support action planning to solve specific challenges facing organizations and sectors, and we support change processes through e.g. mentorships, talent development and integrated learning programmes.

In the research programmes we support the development of a global knowledge network of researchers from all over the world, and support outreach of the research for both policy and practice. To promote the use of research findings and results from research collaboration projects, we support dissemination and exchange of research-based knowledge within and beyond the academic field.

In our engagement with our many partners, from Danish embassies and Danish authorities to researchers and places of study, we organize thematic and strategic dialogues, facilitate the exchange of ideas, and promote further uptake of learning and knowledge by supporting innovation, communication, networking and outreach.

For more information on the Knowledge in Action contact us at research@dfcentre.dk.

Knowledge is not knowledge unless it is shared Danida Alumni Prize Winner 2019, Dr Phan Thi Van

“Knowledge is not knowledge unless it is shared”
Danida Alumni Prize Winner 2019, Dr Phan Thi Van

Knowledge in Action
Danida Fellowship Centre promotes knowledge sharing and collaboration through a number of flagship initiatives under the umbrella Knowledge in Action

Knowledge in action training
Knowledge in action exchange
Knowledge in action labs