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Launching the Danida Fellows Network – Inspire. Connect. Act.



Danida Fellowship Centre is now launching the Danida Fellows Network – a platform that brings together Danida alumni, Danida supported researchers and the many partners we have worked with within the context of Danish development cooperation.

Our global sustainability challenges have become more complex than ever. Every person we will ever meet  knows something we don’t. Their particular knowledge and expertise may be just what we are looking for in our search for sustainable solutions to the most pertinent problems facing our world today.

Connecting our work in meaningful ways is no longer just valuable but necessary, if we want to make transformative and lasting contributions to sustainable development.

The goal of the network is therefore to


  • Inspire members to think anew; try new approaches; pool and exchange the knowledge needed to develop new solutions; and form new partnerships to achieve what can only be achieved in collaboration with others.
  • Connect people battling with the same challenges and seeking solutions to the same problems in a culture of mutual support
  • Act as a catalyst for showcasing tested solutions, debating innovative ways to bring about positive change, and encouraging peer support in translating new ideas into concrete action


The network will support thematic communities that bring together professionals to debate solutions to challenges in their particular field. It will support national alumni networks to bring together professionals to debate solutions to challenges in their countries. The network as such will be a platform for dialogue on crosscutting themes. Examples of such themes could be how the sector and discipline-specific knowledge of the many members contributes to the development agenda and to progress towards achieving the sustainable development goals; which enablers and capacities across sectors and disciplines are crucial for achieving a specific outcome; how approaches to multi-stakeholder collaboration within one sector can inspire similar collaborations within others.

In preparing the network launch, we asked a diverse group of network members what they would look for in a network – and what would enable them to engage actively in multi-stakeholder dialogue and collaboration. Their replies have guided how we have framed the launch and the opportunities available to the members.

The network will bring together expertise and diverse perspectives across sectors, disciplines and countries. Such meetings will be in the form of webinars, workshops and other initiatives designed to inform and stimulate collaboration.

We hope that, over time, the network and its various network member groups will grow into a collaborative eco-system that will inspire real transformative change.

You can read more about the Danida Fellows Network on the new website which has just been launched.

How to become a member of the network? Danida alumni, Danida supported researchers and partners of Danida Fellowship Centre are already members and have received a welcome mail.

If you want to play an active part in shaping the network or if you have not received the network welcome mail but think you should have, please contact us on nextstepnetworking@dfcentre.dk.

NextStepNetworking – unlocking collaborative potential

Do you need a venue or platform to share your expertise, are you looking for a forum to discuss or unlock specific challenges, could you use some guidance and tools for leading collaborative processes or networks, or are you searching for funds or support to organize cross-sector dialogue and collaboration? Through webinars, debates, trainings, workshops, small grants and networking events, Danida Fellowship Centre’s Next Step Networking supports members who wish to strengthen partnerships and collaboration across sectors, disciplines and countries. Check out the opportunities for network members here.


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